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• Built In Inverter Transformer for DC-AC Galvanic Protection
• DSP Vector Control at Input and Output
• Innovative Smart IGBT Control
• Programmable Input Power
• Entire Efficiency Control System


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Compact Design

  • Designed with an integrated transformer ensuring galvanic isolation on the output for ultimate safe isolation.
  • Easy to install and service and can be integrated into harsh commercial and industrial environments.
  • Compact footprint and matching battery cabinets.
Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Less energy consumption to supply the loads thanks to
    high efficiency.
  • Reduced energy loss.
  • Reduced electricity usage and air conditioning requirements.
  • Reduction in operating cost of UPS.
  • IGBT based power factor correction technology provides input power factor close to 1 (≥ 0,99). The high input power leads to reduced electricity pay-out, minimizes cable, switchboard, fuse and generator requirements, thus reducing investment cost.
  • Low input current total harmonic distortion (THDi) less than%3 helps to avoid the disturbance and expensive harmonic filters.
  • Small footprint and easy maintenance

Hight Output Power Factor

  • Output power factor of 1 (kVA=kW) rate provides up to 25% more active power than a traditional UPS.
  • Suitable for modern power supply application with unit or capacitive power factor (e.g. new servers generation).
  • No reduction in active power from 0,9 leading to 0,9 lagging.
Maximum Availability
  • Parallel configuration up to 8 units per redundancy (N+1) and power increase.
  • Loop connection helps the UPS system to continue the operation when the connection cable is inturrupted.
Standard Electrical Features
  • Output Galvanic Isolation Transformer Embedded
  • Dual Input
  • Common Battery
  • Frontal Access for Input/Output Cabling
  • Backfeed Protection
  • Cold Start (Optional)
  • Advanced Battery Management
  • Short Circuit and Overload Protection
  • Parallel Ready
  • Redundant Power Supply
  • Power Walk-in for Progressive Rectifier Start-up when the
  • Mains is Restored
  • Battery Temperature Sensor
  • Static & Manual Bypass Operation
Advanced Communication Features
  • 500 Real Time Event Log with Detailed Parameters
  • User Friendly Multilingual 320×240 Graphic Display Provides
  • Operation Information
  • Monitoring and Shutdown Software
  • RS232 Serial and RS485 Ports
  • Modbus RTU (Optional)
  • 2 Communication Slots
  • Remote Emergency Power Off (Optional)
  • Remote Display Panel (Optional)
  • Dry Contact (Optional)
  • SNMP (Optional)
  • Profibus (Optional)
  • Optional IP31, IP41, Protection degree for harsh
  • environments.
  • Optional tropicalization and anti-corrosion protection for
  • electronic boards.
  • Optional temperature sensor for external battery cabinets
  • for extended runtimes.
  • External battery cabinets for different sizes of batteries to
  • provide extended runtimes.
  • Adaptability to the mains without neutral.




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